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Jesper Højberg

Executive Director, International Media Support

Mr. Jesper Højberg is the founder and current Executive Director of International Media Support (IMS). IMS is an international media assistance organization established in 2001 and based in Denmark working to support local media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition. In more than 30 countries worldwide, IMS helps to strengthen media reform, professional journalism and ensure that media can operate in challenging circumstances. While placing IMS on the global media development scene, Mr. Højberg has particularly encouraged collaboration (in line with the Paris Declaration Principles on aid effectiveness) as a way to improve impact of media development efforts and he has argued for a sector-based approach to media assistance. Jesper Højberg has worked 20 years in the field of journalism, media development and media reform in Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Arab World and the CIS countries.