Mr Raghu Mainali

Director, Community Radio Support Centre, Nepal

Raghu Mainali served for 8 years as a print journalist. After that Raghu Mainali started his career in the field of radio in 1991 as producer of daily News and views program on Radio Nepal a state run radio in Nepal for a year. After that he initiated community radio movement in Nepal and about five years of vigorous lobbing succeed to receive the license for Radio Sagarmatha, a first community radio across South Asia and started as the founder program director and station manager of Radio Sagarmatha in 1996. It was the same year that Radio Sagarmatha, the first community radio station of South Asia had been started. Raghu had taken up the mantle of forming the total program structure of the station. Raghu was one of the key individuals that helped in securing the license of the station, an exemplary feat of that time. He served the station for four years before taking up the charge of the executive director of the Community Radio Support Centre. The Centre was established under the auspices of the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) to enable and facilitate the development of the community radio sector in Nepal. Under Raghu’s leadership, the Centre has been directly responsible for establishing more than one hundred community radio stations in Nepal. Raghu serves as the Executive Director of the Centre till date. Community Radio Support Centre/NEFEJ is the recipient of UNESCO-IPDC Prize for Rural Communication 2012.

He served an expert member of the three separate governmental task force responsible for recommending steps to reform broadcast media of Nepal and Media Strategy for Education. He served as a member of the High Level Media Commission formed by the Government of Nepal. He also served to World Bank Institute and ADB as a sort term consultant.

Raghu is one of the foremost champions of Community Radio in Nepal. He has authored three books on community radio. In addition to that he has co-authored six books and edited 6 books on community radio. He had headed the Association of Community Radio Broadcasters of Nepal as its Founding President. Under his leadership the Association played the leadership role Save Independent Radio Movement. The Movement was organized to safeguard the independence of the independent radio sector during the autocratic rule (Feb 2005 to April 2006) of King Gyanendra in Nepal. Raghu served as the Coordinator of the Movement. He also serves the Board of Directors, Radio Sagarmatha and South Asia Region to develop its community radio sector as the Vice President for South Asia in the AMARC Asia Pacific Board. He has also participated number of international seminars as a resource person. He is a student of two disciplines Business Administration and Journalism & Mass Communication. He is also a Visiting Faculty, Department of Languages and Mass Communication, Kathmandu University since 2009.